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    A short summary of the project

    by PhD Dr. Friedrich
    Free Philie was the largest at the same time most elaborate and also longest
    partner search campaign of the world. This globally unique project was launched
    in 2008 by the then 30-year-old Philipp Hebestreit, who sought the woman for the
    first time and the rest of his life. His parents were his inspiration. They were
    happy together since 1961. Contrary to the trend "Everyone with everyone",
    Philipp sought the "one" and that forever and he understood that as a protest
    against the sexualization of Western society. Philipp's way was different until
    then. And unusual situations called for unusual measures, which is why he
    embarked on this adventure called "Free Philie". He put on a blog, turned on
    personal ads and recorded video messages. Then he moved with flyers, posters and
    posters through a few German cities. It started on the street, a single man was
    trying to change something. Initially, the materials always contained only the
    logo with slogan, personal details and the name of his website. Several cars were
    equipped with flags and covered with foils. Whether advertising columns, lanterns
    or car windows on large parking lots, nothing was safe from his handbills and
    posters. His travels through different cities gave him the opportunity to observe
    how people react to the project and brought him many interesting conversations
    and encounters. His actions varied in every city. In Hamburg he wore a full body
    shield with billboard and donated T-shirts with logo print. In Dusseldorf he
    first placarded the Königsalle, later he covered a house with a printed
    tarpaulin. He threw identically stocked bottles as "Message in a bottle" off the
    coast of Sylt in the North Sea and provided on the beach dozens of beach chairs
    with "Free Philie" banners. He hung thousands of posters, wallpapered dilapidated
    house walls, placed flags in public places, handed out leaflets and balloons.
    Afterwards he had a labeled fabric panel stretched over a plane fly over cities.
    What began as a harmless action with some posters and flyers in Germany, became a
    large-scale campaign on an international level. In daring actions, for example,
    he attached sheets to the bridges of Amsterdam and sprayed them, after he was on
    the canals with an electric boat and his installation. After that, long
    clotheslines were hung in Belgian inner cities where photocards were attached. In
    Paris, he spanned the trees of the Champs-Elysées with specially made cardboard
    signs. An inflated plastic frog king waited in front of the Eiffel Tower for his
    redeeming kiss. In front of it stood a fairytale castle and Philipp, who
    performed his Free Philie song on guitar. This real fairytale with a message, was
    often too good to be true for its viewers. It was also seen this way in Austria,
    Switzerland, Norway and Italy. There were posters with different mottos and
    illustrations. For the first time he used his art very purposefully and almost
    exclusively for offensive dating. This novel mix of dating, action art,
    Performance Art, entertainment, installation art, street art, social art,
    literature, music, video art, social criticism, anti-neosexual revolution and
    protest action was unprecedented.
    Philipp Hebestreit was the first virgin man worldwide who turned to the public to
    find his first girlfriend and to draw attention to his outsider situation as an
    untouched person in a sexualized society. At the same time, he protested against
    the ubiquitous marketing and industrialization of sexuality in Western society.
    He was one of the first to speak of a throwaway society in terms of love. Philipp
    was among the 10 percent of European men around 30, who were still virgin.
    Between the age of 20 and 30, it was even 25 percent. For fear of being convicted
    by others, those affected themselves often did not tell their closest friends
    about their situation. Because until then, someone who had not had sex, did not
    talk about it. To have no sex was considered a social "no-go" and aroused the
    appearance of the abnormal. Philipp became a taboo breaker in Europe because the
    topic of virginity was brought to him in an unprecedented and courageous way, not
    once but permanently in the media. He broke a lance for all those who had no sex,
    causing public discussion with the press approaching him. He made popular
    something unpopular and encouraged to see virginity not as a shortcoming, but as
    part of an attitude of life that leaves room for true love. To date, he was the
    only one who dealt with the topic of public for years and not anonymized, but
    under his real name. Long before others in Germany and Europe jumped on this
    train and produced various TV formats and documentaries on "virginity",
    unfortunately, often in embarrassing pity, he took as a concerned in 2007, the
    situation itself in the hand. He remained very idealistic in everything and did
    not tingle about the talk shows, on the contrary, he did not accept many offers.
    He preferred to travel all over Germany, later in Europe, and finally worldwide,
    to exchange views with the people involved in his actions. A single man, with his
    innovative project, basically managed to distort the reputation of male innocence
    in the Western world. There were letters, postcards, post boxes, large packages,
    parcels, registered mail, freight mail, telegrams, faxes, SMS and e-mails from
    Israel, China, America, Australia and Africa, from 104 countries all over the
    world. Including celebrities, politicians and church representatives. The boss of
    the Bertelsmann company, Liz Mohn, stated her acknowledgment in a letter.
    Students from Baden-Wuerttemberg initiated the nationwide petition "Petition Pro
    Free Philie", urging press representatives of large magazines and journals to
    check the authenticity and background of the "Free Philie" project. This petition
    with thousands of signatures was finally handed over to Philipp by an editor of
    the weekly magazine "Stern".
    For me personally, "Free Philie" was a homage to the great true love, against a
    world that obviously only had disasters. It wanted to offer people value and
    support in a fast moving, uprooted, mechanical and unstable world in which even
    family loyalty often broke up….

    This website is currently under construction.

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