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Telephone emergency Services – telephone counselling service for people in distress

Over 15,000 hours of telephone consulting over the last few decades. Assistance, coaching and simply an open ear for young and old. Whether the conversation was once or for months or years. Lonley People in trouble had someone to talk to.

Advice through letters, e-mails, SMS and Whatsapp

Over a period of more than 10 years, several thousand letters were answered at their own expense, giving advice and assistance. Likewise support and coaching took place electronically.

Help in everyday life - hands-on

Some times help had to take place in everyday life, when support by email and phone was not enough (official visits, relocations, hospital visits, court cases, talks with relatives, etc.).
The project was therefore proposed in 2017 by an interest group (of several citizens) for the Federal Cross of Merit and the Lifesaving Medal of Germany.

Readings in old people´s home

There were readings of the project diary, accompanied by acoustic guitar, in retirement homes. This was followed by intimate conversations with the residents about love and family.