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The original - plagiarism

Philipp was proven to be the first virgin man in the world to seek a first girlfriend through public appearances and promotions, and even worldwide. Both the concept for a partner search campaign as well as a TV Dating Show in the style of Vh1, MTV (Rock of Love etc.) with a virgin or a book and a film were already deposited in 2008 at the Wirters Guild of Ameirka West and constantly renewed. The Concept was also secured worldwide at a German Notary Dr. Thomas Grothe. The first independent press coverage of Philipp´s dating campaign is as proof of his pioneering work: The “Dashöfer Verlag” had already reported on him in 2007. Also, his dating campaign with handing in posts, posting and so on exist since 2007.  
This seems to be important, because his ideas were completely copied and partially plagiarized in the last years. Whether the Virgin-theme, dating campaign or his lyrics of the great love. One of these imitators was even so barefaced to send him a temporary restraining order. But Philipp did not accept this of course. A list of copyists we know can be requested.
Unfortunately, he was so often confronted with copyists as probably no second. Sadly, as each time his mission was perverted. So probably the phone call of a woman (Free Philie Fan) in New York by Fisher-Appel PR in October 2017 led one year later to the Virgin Bachelor U.S.!?

The idea of Free Philie and to focus on a male virgin goes back to the year 1999, when a script of this topic was alsoregisterd at the Writers Guild of America West and a notary.

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